Business intelligence for MICE

When a company is exhibiting its products at a commercial event, its main goal is to get promoted and maximise exposure in order to increase sales.

Thanks to the implementation of business intelligence tools for MICE, you will be able to get a great deal of data and useful information to measure your results, to meet the objectives and to generate income for return on investment.

We are not only talking about quantifiable data, as for example how many visits you had, how many brochures you handed out, or how many meetings you went to; now you can also quantify any single piece of information that was previously unmeasurable.

At Customers Feeling we work with an own-developed software, based on cognitive artificial intelligence, which displays, in real time, how your visitors perceive your brand, how they move around your stand, how they interact with your staff or how they react towards your promotional material.

Which indicators our artificial intelligence software offers to commercial events and trade fairs

Thanks to image recognition and ‘eye tracking’ technology enlazado a cómo trabajamos, our artificial intelligence engine can interpret user behaviour in a specific facility, as it is capable of measuring every user pupils dilation and connect it with their emotional activity.

This way we will know a large quantity of key indicators:

  • About your visitors: age, gender, social condition
  • For how long and how they visit your stand or facility (alone, with someone else, with the family, in a workgroup…)
  • Number of visitors, how much promotional material has been given out or the number of meetings celebrated
  • Which promotional pictures are available at your stand and which ones are the most observed
  • Users’ behaviour: Their passage through the facilities Emotions during their stay Satisfaction towards your brand Interaction with the staff

All these images, taken by high resolution cameras in real time, are stored by our AI engine in order to be subsequently audited.

Benefits obtained with Business intelligence for MICE

Thanks to these KPIs, not only quantitative but also qualitative, you will:

  • Know if your visitors are engaged with your brand
  • Identify your potential customers
  • Improve the design of your stand
  • Choose your promotional material more accurately
  • Optimise your resources placement: furniture, staff, advertising material
  • Increase the number of visits
  • Boost your sales and transactions
business intelligence para ferias, congresos y exposiciones

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