la inteligencia del mercado aplicada a la mejora de resultados

Market Intelligence applied to Customer Behaviour

Now it is possible to measure what it was previously unquantifiable.

At Customers Feeling we make use of Market Intelligence to focus on Tourism, the HORECA sector (hospitality, restaurants and catering), retail business, and MICE.

We measure customer satisfaction and we analyse it with the aim of helping you with your business decision-making process.

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Face Recognition

How we do it? 

We can track the eye movement of a person staying in a monitored area, using custom algorithms and a cognitive artificial intelligence engine applied to image recognition.

All this allow us to know the following information:

  • Counting statistics
  • Type of user
  • Customer behaviour during the whole itinerary in a certain facility
  • Emotions produced by a specific product
  • Interaction with the staff
eye tracking para en análisis del mercado

Market Intelligence for various business fields

inteligencia de mercado aplicado al retail

Retail Business

We analyse customer behaviour in any commercial area and how he reacts to a particular product.

inteligencia de mercado en los destinos turísticos

Tourist destinations

We turn your destination into an intelligent place. Discover which elements and images are the most appealing and emotive ones.

inteligencia de mercado en la industria hotelera y atención al cliente para hoteles

Hotels and restaurants

Find out how a guest behaves in the different common areas of your business, and improve your customer experience.



How your visitors are, what promotional or advertising material they collect, how they perceive your brand or how they move around your stand.

Inteligencia de mercado y customers feeling

Who we are

At Customers Feeling we work with an own-developed platform in which we have joined digital and natural world through objective behavioural indicators.
With our Market intelligence tool, we help you to keep a real perception of what is taking place in your company so that you make the most accurate decisions at the lowest risk.

Learn how we apply Artificial Intelligence to the companies