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Artificial Intelligence for retail business

The emerging new technologies in our society are making the service sector to be in a constant change, and those who can certainly take advantage of this situation are the commercial companies.

Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence tools to retail business, we can obtain really useful data concerning users’ behaviour, which leads to an improvement of their shopping experience, increasing your sales and optimising your business workflow.

At Customers Feeling we work with a custom software, using image recognition and ‘eye tracking’ technology, which tells us accurately and in real time how a customer behaves during the time he spends at your establishment.

Therefore, you will know a customer’s behaviour in a supermarket or in any specialised business, how he reacts to a certain product, how he acts or moves around, and how he is being assisted by your staff from the moment he gets into your establishment to the instant he leaves it.

inteligencia de mercado aplicado al retail

Which data we may obtain with our artificial intelligence software for the retail business sector

All the images taken by our high resolution cameras and the AI engine resulting data are stored in the tool to be audited later.

Using all this information, we are able to extract a great deal of qualitative and quantitative indicators in order to use them in relation with customers.

We also perform a thorough analysis of the buying process, being essential to make decisions and to accomplish any possible changes or improvements in the future.

How is your potential customer?

Our artificial intelligence tool for retail business will provide you with a large amount of quantitative
data about your potential customer; we highlight the following:

  • The number of people getting into your establishment and the time they do it
  • Their age and gender
  • If they come alone or with somebody else
  • The tour they do throughout your facilities
  • The time spent inside your establishment and the time they are exposed to a certain product
  • Rebound rate in relation to a specific product
  • Which objects are bought and which ones not
inteligencia artificial en retail

How is customer behaviour towards a product?

The use of eye tracking and image recognition will enable you to get qualitative indicators of every
user’s behaviour:

  • The emotions revealed during his tour around the facilities
  • Level of satisfaction in relation to a product
  • Which aspect of the product attracts the customer’s attention: packaging, brand, price…
  • A comparison of the attention span before and after the purchase of the product
  • Interaction with the brand
  • Behaviour towards the staff
  • How and for how long user is assisted by the staff

Once all these data have been analysed and understood, you will know exactly how your customer behaves at your establishment, how and where you should offer your product, and the most appropriate moment to do it, among many other important decisions.

All this will help you to improve your customer buying experience, to optimise your internal resources and to increase your benefits.

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