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Business Intelligence for intelligent tourist destinations

Every intelligent tourist destination has to become established on an innovative technological structure. Online and offline environments should be complementary to promote growth and improvement, and even more if we consider the Spanish tourism sector, one of the best valued destinations by visitors from all over the world.

Nowadays in our current society, new technologies are essential to store and organise the vast amount of information we have to take into account when choosing a destination.

Concerning intelligent tourist destination, this task has to be accomplished both in the chosen holiday place as well as in tourism trade fairs, travel agents’ or promotional events.

If we take advantage of all these data and analyse them efficiently, any tourism company will be able to make accurate decisions by the time they need to create new products or services, or improving the ones they are already offering.

inteligencia de mercado en los destinos turísticos

How to use artificial intelligence in tourist destinations

At Customers Feeling we have created an own-developed platform based on cognitive artificial intelligence (CAI).

Thanks to facial recognition and ‘eye tracking’ technology, our CAI engine and a few custom algorithms, you will be able to analyse the actual number and the type of visitor you have, as well as their behaviour.

Every image that our high resolution cameras, strategically placed, take in real time are scanned by our tool and subsequently transformed into data, which are later audited to help you with the decision-making process of your business.

The analysis of all these data will allow you to create or develop intelligent tourist destinations, no matter if you are a private or a public company.

Tourism intelligence KPIs

Thanks to every captured image, we can obtain a great deal of KPIs or key performance indicators, both qualitative and quantitative, which will allow you to know more about your potential customers’ interests directly at the destination, as for instance if your stand or even your business are working properly.


  • Number of visitors, their age and gender, and the time they spend passing through a certain place or tourist resource.
  • Which element they look at and for how long.
  • How much advertising and promotional material has been given out, its format and its content.
  • What promotional pictures are being displayed.
  • Which ones are the most observed or which part of the picture is the most attracting to your visitors’ gaze.
  • The emotions that these pictures may provoke on the users.
  • Visitors behaviour and satisfaction during the visit.
  • How your staff interacts with the visitors.

These KPIs will help you to acquire a better knowledge of your users and, after all, you will increase the value of your intelligent tourist destination.


destinos turísticos inteligentes con customers feeling

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