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Customers Feeling: Artificial Intelligence tools for

Technological advances are making possible that nowadays everything is quantifiable, which enables us to measure absolutely everything, even emotions.

At Customers Feeling we have created tools based on artificial intelligence aimed at tourism, hospitality industry and retail business.

We help these companies to know better their customers’ behaviour and their satisfaction towards a certain product. From customer’s first contact with the product, if he rejects, uses, or buys it, to the moment when he leaves the establishment.

This way we achieve the optimisation of customer service, increasing productivity, improving your staff productiveness and sales promotion.

With our Artificial intelligence Software for companies we are combining digital and natural world.
Using technologically based tools, we provide objective indicators about the offline environment.

Know how we apply this technology to ‘eye-tracking’ and image recognition

Behaviour indicators provided by Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

With a cognitive artificial intelligence engine (CAI) and custom algorithms we measure what it was unmeasurable before.

We would put the resulting data at the company’s complete disposal in order to work together, and to have them organised in a report containing the whole analysis of your customers’ behaviour.

Our artificial intelligence platform for companies may offer you a variety of real time objective information related to customer behaviour.

We would like to highlight the following aspects:

  • The number of people passing through a certain facility and the number of them who have been assisted by the staff
  • How much promotional material they take or they do not after checking it
  • Level and attention span in front of a certain person or product
  • Level of satisfaction or emotions produced by this meeting
  • Customers’ age and gender

Thanks to these data we will be able to obtain a diversity of conclusions, such us the way to enhance customer experience, or how to improve the product placement at your supermarket, at your stand in a trade fair or at a hotel front desk. To sum up, optimising your business in order to increase your benefits.

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Tourist destinations


Retail business


Hospitality industry and restaurants