What are the advantages of business intelligence for hotels and restaurants?

business intelligence para hoteles y restaurantes

In this digital era, we constantly listen about the incredible advantages of the business intelligence and how it helps to the companies to improve their results.

However, many companies in the hotel industry still believe that these techniques are limited to the technology sector. This belief is false. Hotels and restaurants that are using business intelligence, not only have they reduced their costs, but also they have increased their sales, their productivity and customer satisfaction.

If we talk about business intelligence, we talk about the ability to collect, store, organise and present a company data. These data are used with the purpose of improving strategies and decision-making processes.

Until recently, the Horeca sector companies (hospitality industry, restaurants and  catering) based their decisions on intuition. They have never stopped to think about all the information generated in this sector and how to use it, what could take a company from the bankrupt to the top of the market.

Next, we are talking about the advantages of the business intelligence, and how you should start to use it in order to improve your efficiency in a few days.


The advantages of business intelligence for hotels and restaurants

Imagine the possibility of being capable of reading or interpreting millions and millions of bytes of information about your customers in real time. Imagine to be able to:

  • Know the level of satisfaction of your guests when they leave the hotel room.
  • Understand customers’ reactions in front of certain products or meals.
  • Anticipate their reactions and offer different products to different customer profiles.

The results you can obtain thanks to these capacities are overwhelming. The advantages of being able to interpret and use this information generated by your company are undeniable.

From the sales order planning and the related uncertainty reduction (if products are going to be top sales or invendible) to the identification of possible changes on your customers’ behaviour, all this enables you to react quickly and profitably.

It is said that data is the new oil. Your company is producing an incredible volume of information, and it is bringing you the opportunity to use business intelligence in order to:

  • Optimise the stock of your products.
  • Gain loyalty of your customers by understanding their reactions.
  • Attract new customers after identifying hidden needs.
  • Reduce operational expenses and costs.
  • Increase sales and efficiency after the analysis of possible bottlenecks.
  • Anticipate and reduce unexpected events and the subsequent problems.


How to integrate Business Intelligence in your company.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how hotels and restaurants can apply business intelligence techniques and achieve these advantages above-mentioned.

  • The first step is to improve the tools used to collect information. If we do not have a good method to collect data, we will not be able to obtain all the necessary information to optimally define strategies and processes.
  • Next step consists of screening that information in order to be able to select valuable data, not corrupted, which will help us to correctly analyse the patterns.
  • Third step is to present that information in an optimal way, so that we can use it in the decision-making process and the definition of strategies in a few minutes.


And that is what we offer at Customer Feeling thanks to our business intelligence platform for companies, an own-developed software which brings us knowledge of customer behaviour in hotels and restaurants, and the resulting improvement of your company. Contact us now!


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