How we do it

inteligencia artificial cognitiva para negocios turísticos

Artificial Intelligence and ‘eye-tracking’ to know customer behaviour

Thanks to our artificial intelligence engines (AI) we are able to track a point of gaze (eye tracking), reveal facial emotions and analyse behaviour. These data provide in-depth knowledge about user complete behaviour anywhere, as for example in a hotel, a restaurant, a supermarket or a conference.

At Customers Feeling we have created an own-developed platform, based on this scientific/technical discipline, and applied to image recognition.

On the basis of our cognitive artificial intelligence engine (CAI), as well as a series of custom algorithms, this software is capable of understanding and even imitating human mind behaviour.

Through photo capture, the platform detects customer accurate gaze, within a margin of error under 3 millimetres, no need that customers wear or carry any device.

These images are taken by wireless high resolution cameras, quite easy to be installed. Being light and easy to handle, they can be strategically placed inside any facility using only a double-sided tape.

Which data are provided by Eye Tracking and facial emotions recognition

With the ‘eye tracking’ and image recognition performed by the cognitive artificial intelligence engine, we can measure any user’s visual behaviour, and even, his pupils dilation, with the aim of analysing his emotions in a certain moment.

Therefore, thanks to ‘eye tracking’ and facial emotions recognition we obtain such accurate data as where the individual is looking at and for how long, with how much intensity, his mood, or even his interest or level of satisfaction towards a product or a certain person.

With the capture of all these images, as well as eye tracking and facial expressions, the CAI software we are using at Customer Feeling extracts a large amount of objective data about customer behaviour:

  • Their itinerary around the facilities
  • Bounce rate towards a certain product
  • Which products they acquire and which not, and their reactions towards those products
  • Comparative analysis about level of attention before and after having seen or consumed a specific product or attended a certain event
inteligencia artificial cognitiva con Customers feeling
eye tracking como inteligencia de mercado

Image recognition in order to obtain customer satisfaction indicators

Thanks to artificial intelligence and its ‘Eye tracking’ technology and facial recognition, a large amount of data related to customer behaviour and satisfaction can be obtained, very useful information to work with.

Besides, this tool measures a few more helpful indicators such as people attendance to any facility or any establishment, human thermographic mapping -heatmaps-, number of clients who have been assisted by the staff, or segmentation by gender or age range.

All these behavioural data, completely real, are subsequently analysed with the purpose of obtaining key conclusions for future decision-making processes in a certain business.

As a result, this information turns into a smart and effective tool of market intelligence for tourism companies, hospitality industry, retail business or MICE, among other sectors.