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Business intelligence for hotels and restaurants

HORECA sector (hospitality, restaurants and catering sector) consists of more than 360.000 establishments in Spain. A very competitive sector more and more concerned about the necessity of using intelligence resources in their businesses.

If we use Business Intelligence tools for hotels and restaurants, we will be able to obtain a considerable amount of data and turn them into information and knowledge in order to improve the decision-making process of a certain business.

At Customers Feeling we work with an own-developed software based on cognitive artificial intelligence, which allows us to learn about the accurate customer behaviour in a hotel, and to help the company to increase its internal productivity.

We can analyse guest behaviour in the different common areas of any hotel or restaurant to know more about customer experience. Also, we can compare customer behaviour in the establishment facilities with the previous expectations created by the business internal promotional channels.

inteligencia de mercado en la industria hotelera y atención al cliente para hoteles

Benefits of using Business Intelligence in the HORECA sector

Using Business Intelligence tools for hotels and restaurants, as our Artificial Intelligence algorithms (AI), in combination with image recognition and eye tracking devices, we will get objective indicators about guest and staff behaviour.

With these tools you will see how the benefits of your HORECA establishment increase:

  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Time saving and making the most of the information obtained in just one channel, by 24 hours real time monitoring. You won’t need to collect all data through different internal ways any longer (staff interviews, statistical analysis…).
  • Optimising internal resources and increasing your business productivity.
  • Improving decision-making process. Being aware of your business exact activity and getting it analysed by our IA engine will allow you to develop effective strategies.

Which data can we obtain from Business Intelligence tool for hotels and restaurants?

  • Your customers’ age and gender
  • The accurate number of people visiting your establishment and the exact times they do it
  • How your guests are
  • Their passage throughout your facilities (reception, swimming-pool, restaurant…)
  • The most observed areas and the emotions revealed by their gaze
  • The satisfaction when leaving a specific area or a certain facility
  • How your customer and staff behaviour is
  • The time dedicated to assist each customer
business intelligent para hoteles y restaurantes

Know how we use Business intelligence for hotels and restaurants