A few tips to have the best Stand in a trade fair or in an exhibition

mejor Stand para ferias y exposiciones

Having the best Stand in a trade fair or in an exhibition is an excellent opportunity to grow our business, attract more customers, and show our brand-name strength.

However, these places are always full of people, competitors, the hustle and bustle of the trade fairs. We must consider many factors and make an intelligent investment to obtain the most of it.

We are telling you the Top 5 Tips to have the best Stand and make the most of it during a trade fair or an exhibition.


Top 5 tips for trade fairs and exhibitions

  1. This is about you. Take care of your brand design and personality. What you exhibit and how you do it is what makes a difference, what makes a company to benefit from the event or not. Focus on your design, always keeping in mind two essential factors. The first one is your brand identity. Adapt your materials or activities to your company design so that the visitors identify your brand instantly. Use lightboxes, tarpaulin, vinyl, to decorate and exhibit your corporate design. The second one is the positioning of your products. Put the newest and most attractive ones and their accessories forward, eye level, and connect them in a way that stimulates people to keep on visiting your stand. The goal is to be attractive to attract customers, and to be useful and functional to gain their loyalty.
  2. We are living in the present moment. Keep yourself well informed. We live in a digital world where absolutely everything is influenced by trends. One of the best advices is to investigate what is going on today, social nets, trends, etc. This way, your visitors will notice that you are up to date and close to them.
  3. Remember your market niche. Solve any inconveniences. There will probably be lots of people, and many things happening at the same time. You have to focus on your market niche and design your stand according to it. Consider your market niche needs, their priorities, and get ready to solve them in the trade fair or in the exhibition. That way, not only will you get more visitors and a higher conversion, but also you will be able to gain their loyalty and learn more about them, which will turn into an update and improvement of your marketing strategies.
  4. You are not alone. Keep an eye on your competitors. Rivalry and competitiveness are common terms in fairs and exhibitions. Investigate, analyse and identify your rivals’ trends and marketing campaigns, in order to quickly adapt your strategies and always be a step ahead..
  5. 5. Planning. Planning. In every trade fair and exhibition there is a calendar with all the events, promotions, contests, lectures, etc, Your main task involves analysing everything that is going to happen at the event, and therefore avoid unnecessary efforts during low attendance moments or overlapping events with the subsequent loss of visitors.

Another essential element to be considered for your Stand to stand out.

Think as your attendees do, and anticipate their needs. Use your experience and try to put yourself on your potential customer’s place. As a general rule, people do not expect to spend too much time in these type of events. That is why, they leave at home many things they will probably need later, to not carrying them all the time.

In this context, be a step ahead of them, and put in your Stand (depending on your budget) Smartphone charge points, rest areas, somewhere to have a snack or a drink. This little investment will transform your Stand into the most visited one in any fair or exhibition.

Once there, you will have the opportunity to turn that thirsty person (or with low battery) into your loyal client.

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