Discover the customer satisfaction indicators and the advantages for your hotel

indicadores de satisfacción del cliente

If somebody asks you about your guests’ satisfaction, your instinctive answer would be: “My guests are very satisfied”. However, very few hotels answer back, measure or even know the customer satisfaction indicators.

Information is power. The current technology enables us to measure and quantify the level of satisfaction of our customers using Business Intelligence tools to collect and transform simple surveys into potential satisfaction indicators.

All this bring us the opportunity to redesign our strategies, adapt our products, and modify little things in order to enjoy an incredible improvement of our results.

A high level of satisfaction entails some advantages, both internal and external:

  • Customers will spread a positive image of your hotel, something that your competitors will not be able to compete against.
  • Advantageous negotiations with your suppliers. If your customers are satisfied, you will negotiate better conditions for you.
  • Your staff will be proud of the positive reviews, therefore the productivity will be increased, the atmosphere improved, as well as the services offered.

Would you like to know more about the customer satisfaction indicators? Keep on reading.


TOP 5 satisfaction indicators

  1. Customer satisfaction index.

This is the most popular one. This is when you ask your client directly to evaluate your hotel. It is difficult to measure customer satisfaction, because it contains emotions and generally, we always try to hide them.

However, it is necessary that you include a system so that your guests may leave a comment or a general rating of their satisfaction after their stay.

You can use numbers, stars, smileys, emoticons, etc. We recommend you to implement an easy and fast tool, as the fewer time a guest has to spend on the survey, the more motivated they will be to fill it in.

  1. Net promoter score.

Would your guests recommend your hotel to their acquaintances? This index is very important to check if your “word-of-mouth” market strategy is working properly.

Unlike the customer satisfaction index, this one is easier to quantify because what it is measured is the intention of recommending your hotel.

  • Would you recommend it? | Would you not? | Why?

Although we can use more complicated rating scales, the final objective of this indicator is to answer correctly if your hotel would be recommended or not and why.

  1. Customer response time.

Speed is a fundamental parameter concerning customer satisfaction. It does not matter if your guest has had a problem or if he has just made a little request. The speed of your response will establish the difference between satisfaction and dissatisfaction of your guest.

There are several studies affirming that customers are more satisfied and prefer to receive a quick response in opposition to a slower but more detailed one.

Make an effort to shorten your response time. We do not mean that you have to solve possible issues in record time, we are talking about letting your customer know that you are working on it with diligence.

This way, your customer’s satisfaction will be higher even though the problem has not been solved yet.

  1. Price-quality ratio.

This indicator is considered one of the most used to measure the quality of a service. Price-quality rating of a hotel is obtained by comparing what the customer expected, and the price he paid for the service:

  • Has the room/service fulfilled your expectations?
  • Do the staff show interest? And do your guests trust them to ask for something or solve an issue?

The knowledge of this ratio is really useful to estimate if your guests are happy with the money they have spent, and if they would spend more or less.

  1. Customer needs and wants.

Not always truth is stranger than fiction. Listening to our guests’ wants may bring us countless advantages with an eye to the future, concerning both keeping current customers and gaining new ones.

Measuring and quantifying your customers’ wants and needs is a double benefit for your hotel. Your guests will feel more valued if they notice that their requests matter, and therefore they will show a higher level of satisfaction. What more could you wish for?

Would you need help to integrate a system that measures and improves your customers’ satisfaction levels, do not hesitate to contact us.

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