Discover how image recognition can optimise your guests’ management.

reconocimiento de imágenes en hoteles

Image recognition is a modern technology that is changing the world we are used to. We are now able to equip a computer with a camera and make it learn how to decode or interpret what the camera captures. Really impressive!!

The capacity of a computer system to interpret the registered images, analysing them and acting accordingly, offers countless uses. Unblocking your mobile phone, detecting somnolence or drunkenness when you drive and facilitating police work are just a few examples of how facial recognition is helping different sectors to reach a level, that a few years ago was unimaginable.

In this post we are focusing on the reasons why you should go for facial recognition in order to improve your hote service as well as your efficiency. When we join the capacities of the Business Intelligence, Big Data techniques, and image recognition technology, we are transforming “ones” and “zeros” of a computer into automated processes and strategic decisions with a high success rate.

Imagine being able to guess your customers’ (and even your staff’s) emotional state, the movements or itineraries they follow, how they react to a specific offer or a certain product. The improvement opportunities that image recognition is bringing to hotels are evident. Keep reading to know how you can take advantage of them at your hotel.


What are the improvements that image recognition may offer to your hotel?

Technology systems like the Eye Tracking enables you to identify your guests automatically, instantly, and in real time. All this means a good number of varied uses, as for example, improving the hotel security, or optimise your service in particular situations.

Starting at the check-in process, image recognition will allow your hotel to go a step forwards in relation to your competitors, as you will be offering an automated check-in service. A fastest system, less expensive and much more efficient, that will improve your clients’ satisfaction undoubtedly, and will provide you with the possibility of using these data in many aspects, as security for instance.

Security is a key factor both for your guests and for your staff, any improvements on this aspect is 100% advisable. Many hotel do not have the ability to watch every single guest, and what is more, due to multiple shifts, these hotels have many difficulties to control the access to non-expected people. Image recognition will help you to have all your guests correctly, to notice any anomalies and to act accordingly.

A non-identified person who is going towards the lift, or a non-recognised number plate inside the parking are some of the examples of how technology (as Customers Feeling platform) can help your staff and your customers to feel safer inside your facilities.

Food and beverage is an important service in a hotel, and it is an easy tool to identify guests’ preferences. If we analyse and then we define preferences patterns, as well as the timetable of certain guests, you will be capable of optimising the use of your stock and improving your staff productivity, apart from the fact of serving the correct food at the correct moment. All this makes you reduce your costs and unforeseen expenses.

If a guest enjoys instant availability in everything he demands, then this guest is a satisfied guest. And a satisfied guest will recommend your hotel to his acquaintances, he will increase his loyalty and even more, he will attract new customers to your establishment.

Sometimes VIP guests need a different type ot attention. Improving VIP guests satisfaction constitutes a challenge that many hotels fail to overcome, mainly because they have difficulties to identify this type of guests. If you use this technology, you will identify all those guest who need a special treatment, and subsequently, you will see how your customer service to VIP guests will improve instantly.


Start now implementing  image recognition technology in your hotel, and you will enjoy all these benefits shortly.

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