How can cognitive artificial intelligence improve the results of your tourist destination?

inteligencia artificial cognitiva en turismo

Without a doubt, cognitive artificial intelligence (CAI) will improve results of your tourist destination. When we talk about cognitive artificial intelligence, we refer to the potential of a machine to understand, learn, and get better decisions, by analysing millions and millions of data resulting from the study of human behaviour.

In other words, CAI applied to tourism sector means to use technology to optimise marketing and customer satisfaction strategies, and choosing the perfect destination for each person.

Where can cognitive artificial intelligence be used?

At the tourism sector many artificial intelligence tools are being used to collect customer information and therefore to improve their experiences, both when searching the destination and when it is discovered, and at the moment of the recommendation of a place or when gaining customer loyalty.

Considering commercialisation and distribution, chatbots are succeeding these years, as they can automate customer service processes, recommendations and even sales, always under the supervision of a specialist. Thanks to language processing, comments can be validated and analysed, which allow us to define tendencies from customers’ opinions and interests.

When we refer to the optimisation of the recommendations, we are talking about the capacity of summarising the collected information and transform it into users profiles. Any organisation or company will be able to suggest the most suitable destination to each user in a totally personalised way, basing on the above-mentioned cognitive artificial intelligence profile, and finally, achieving a high percentage of conversion.

In order to gain or keep a customer loyalty we already have the virtual assistants. It becomes more and more usual that hotels and restaurants include in their services the possibility to interact with these virtual devices, always with the aim of their customers’ satisfaction. Domotics (the automated control of the different systems and devices of a smart house or a smart hotel) offer a better user experience and makes the interaction with the online services easier. What we mean is that higher the level of satisfaction, faster the process to gain customer loyalty.


How do we start to use cognitive artificial intelligence?


The high users’ demand of a strong technological base is obliging the tourism sector companies to invest on better technological services. Tailor-made products and personalised destination, 24-hour attention in real time on the social nets or virtual offices are an essential requirement to be successful currently at the tourism sector.

Our advice is to strengthen your technological base so that you start to get used to the techniques and models based on Cognitive artificial intelligence (CAI). This way, not only will you be a step forward and more competitive opposite your rivals, but also you will be able to automate your processes and marketing strategies, distribution and customer satisfaction.

Choosing and recommending the correct destination is always possible thanks to the cognitive artificial intelligence. Do not wait any longer, start using it now.

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