How to measure customer satisfaction using artificial intelligence

como medir la satisfacción del cliente

Can we quantify everything today? Can we measure user satisfaction or the emotions caused by a particular product or service?

Every consumer has his own motivations and needs, both internal and external, that may directly affect to his purchasing process. However, and fortunately, new technologies and scientific advance have made possible to easily obtain this kind of intangible information.

Many companies are looking for ways to measure customer satisfaction in order to optimise their business and, in short, to increase their income. In this sense, they try to know their customers’ expectations and needs or solve any troubles affecting them during the whole process, among other factors.

To get this, the companies turn to different tools such as market research, customer satisfaction surveys, forum evaluation, emails received or automatic call devices messages following the purchase.

These are the most common methods used to learn more about user experience. However, now it is possible to measure customer satisfaction without asking him directly or reading his opinions and reviews on the Internet.


Improving user experience and customer loyalty using AI

In the current context, artificial intelligence comes up. Thanks to the simulation of intelligent processes and human behaviour by means of technological tools, it is now feasible to improve business productivity.

AI is able to understand quite completely people’s habits and behaviour. This is the reason why many companies turn to AI to achieve customer satisfaction measuring, and therefore gain their loyalty.

Which possibilities are offered by artificial intelligence in order to improve user experience?

  • Capacity to process a large volume of data
  • Unify and organise these data
  • Analyse different contexts and situations in real time

In this sense, the most powerful and current source of information is observation. By observing our users and future clients (how they move, what emotions are causing our products on them… ), we can know in an effective way if we are bringing them any value.


How to measure customer satisfaction using facial emotions recognition

At Customer Feeling we are expert in customer behaviour studies. With the goal of achieving the quantification of intangible elements, as for example customer satisfaction measuring among others, we have created an own-developed platform that analyses user behaviour without bothering them with surveys or forms.

Therefore, using facial emotions recognition and eye tracking provided by cognitive artificial intelligence and custom algorithms, we are able to know more about customer experience in several areas, among which stand out:

  • Intelligent tourist destinations
  • Department stores or shopping centres
  • Hospitality industry and restaurants
  • Exhibitions or conference centres

Wireless cutting-edge cameras are in charge of observing in our place. Meanwhile, AI software stores the data in real time without recording any image; that way, we skip the fact of asking for consent and infringing personal privacy.

And not only do we get to know how they feel, but also the amount of people passing by specific areas of our establishment or looking at certain elements.

All these qualitative data are transformed into valuable information in order to know the real experience of each user, as well as to help with making objective decisions in a company.

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