Tools for the improvement of the decision-making process in a company

toma de decisiones en una empresa

Did you know that just a few companies are using techniques to measure and improve their companies decision-making processes? Several research findings estimate that only 2% to 5% of the companies use these methods.

Decision-making is one of the basic and essential processes that managers have to deal with when managing a business. And in many occasions, the decisions or resolutions they make are not the correct ones, or they are certainly improvable.

The fact is that most of the time, decisions in a company are made in two ways. One is intuitive because we keep in mind the previous experiences or the past business campaigns. The second way is rational, as each particular objective is well defined and every possible inconvenience of a strategy is analysed in detail. 

Currently, our digital world makes it essential the use of technological tools that help us to measure our actions and to know their return on investment (ROI).

In this context, it becomes fundamental to have a broad view of the situation. Obtaining the largest amount of possible objective information and controlling these data systematically will help us with our company decision-making process. A key factor to increase the productivity of any business.


Right decisions thanks to Business Intelligence

The easiness of the Internet access and the necessity to get immediate answers have contributed to the fact that the opinion of any user who has experienced our products or services has a direct effect on the purchasing decisions of other users.

This makes a company to consider new strategies constantly, and sometimes in a hurried way. It is mainly in the service sector where many organizations are turning to business intelligence in order to obtain accurate solutions for their business.

Using ‘Business Intelligence’ tools, we are able to join both physical and digital world and transform all these data into knowledge, having objective data which will be essential for a company decision-making.

These are some advantages of applying business intelligence to your company:

  • Possibility to register everything that happens inside your facilities
  • To store and manage a large volume of data
  • To transform these registered data into valuable information
  • To analyse that information in order to improve decision-making process
  • To check, compare and measure how every strategy is working


Artificial intelligence tools for the improvement of the decision-making process in a company

In order to analyse and measure all this information in an organised and objective way, the artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of algorithms must come into play.

Now we can improve a company decision-making process using this sophisticated technology, and not only basing our decisions on the users’ reviews on the Internet or on the social nets, neither on the internal reports of every department.

Using image capture and facial emotions recognition together with AI algorithms, it is possible to know exactly how people behave in real time in a certain place.

It is feasible to measure intangible concepts such as customer satisfaction, or even the emotions caused by a particular service or product, or which elements draw customers’ attention according to their gaze and the time they are in contact with them.

And that is how we work at Customer Feeling, with our  artificial intelligent platform for companies: an own-developed software based on cognitive artificial intelligence and custom algorithms, which enables us to know customer behaviour in places as disparate as the following:

  • Tourist destinations
  • Supermarkets or shopping centres
  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Hotels and restaurants

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